It’s easy to forget that these exist when Monster Hunter X was announced but it’s still going! And there’s plenty of new DLC quests to sink your teeth into! Here’s a video for your quick viewing pleasure of what’s to come!

For those who don’t want to read; here’s the run down!

– Arena battles against a Lagombi and Rathalos
– Challenge quest for Zamtrios and Frenzy Tigrex
-Monsterfest 3 – Hunt G-rank Teostra
-Quest line 4 – Hunt 10 Desert Seltas, Cut Rathian tails with boomerangs, Fight a G-Rank D. Mohra ~ Unlocks “Black Belt” weapons
-Fight Molten Tigrex and Savage Deviljho for non G-rankers
-Animal Crossing: Fisher King quest to craft Isabelle and Mr. Resetti for Palico
-Gravios May Cry: Devil May Cry quest to craft Dante’s sword, wig and outfit for Palico
-The Steel Vanguard: Final Fantasy 1 quest to craft Warrior of Light gear for Palico
-Twilight of the Gods: Gives crafting components to create Final Fantasy’s Diablos inspired armor
-The Candle of Darkness: Gives crafting component to create a Long Sword that alludes to Diablos
-Enter the Red Dragon: Fight a Crimson Fatalis
-Plus a Pink Palico
-And various other Guild Card related customizeable goodies to download!

WHEW that’s a lot. I’m still slogging my way through last month! According to the NeoGAF post showing future DLC, the next one might be the last; I hope not and would love to see more random crossovers for Monster Hunter 4U! Catch you next month hunters!

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