In the world of PC gaming, no inter-game references are off limits. Players constantly mod games within games, showing off in how much detail they can re-create entire worlds within a separate engine – Minecraft and Skyrim are popular examples. Following its recent release, someone has re-created GTA V‘s Los Santos in its entirety within Cities: Skylines.

The full album, thanks to Imgur, shows off multiple angles of the massive island that is Los Santos – GTA V‘s open-world, and the biggest in the Grand Theft Auto series. The Cities: Skylines version has been faithfully and lovingly re-created, with notable landmarks – such as Mount Chilliad, the docks, and so on – appearing as they should, with scale taken into consideration.

The amount of detail in these screenshots is pretty incredible, and would have taken a lot of work – the fact that Cities: Skylines looks as good as it does definitely helps. Check out the screenshots below. Check out here for our review on Cities: Skylines.

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