The Xbox One screenshot feature, due in the upcoming March update, is currently available for those in the preview program. Since the feature’s soft launch, we’ve seen some amazing screenshots captured across multiple Xbox One games, but one user went further and stitched together some panoramas from multiple screenshots. Now they’re back with some more Halo 4 panoramas, and these look even better.

Reddit user Tastybread has outdone him-or-herself this time – this time by traversing through multiple levels in Halo 4‘s campaign and capturing moments of pure tranquility that you wouldn’t think to stop and admire. For a game that released in 2012, Halo 4 holds up remarkably well, even with the slight boost provided by 343 Industries with the Master Chief Collection.

What’s remarkable is the level of detail found in each screenshot – plants you didn’t realise existed, rays of light that bounce off the walls, a soft haze that creates feelings of oppression and wonder. The ability to take screenshots offers players the opportunity to look at games in a different light, to play them like they haven’t played them before, and to observe every tiny detail.

By stitching together multiple screenshots and creating panoramas, Tastybread has widened Halo 4‘s scope, playing around with its depth of field to produce images that can only be described as stunning. I’ll let them do the talking.

Note: Click to enlarge.

Halo 4 panorama 1 Halo 4 panorama 2 Halo 4 panorama 3 Halo 4 panorama 4 Halo 4 panorama 5 Halo 4 panorama 6 Halo 4 panorama 7

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