Here we go again! Another year another NBA game. But if it seems like this is just another speculation on who will be featured this year you would be wrong.

2K studios has seen fit to give this years cover to the top 3 candidates for MVP, sorry Lebron. Steph Curry, who won, James Harden and Anthony Davis will be randomly distributed among all the game boxes out there. So you might get Stephen Curry but your friend may get James Harden. Don’t fret though if you were looking forward to getting a specific player, 2K will be giving you the other two players box covers inside the case. This way you can mix and match who you want to be on your specific cover.

Seems to me like this might be a little bit of work on 2K’s part, and a hell of a lot of trees killed, but it might be just worth it to honor the best three players in the NBA.

Congratulations to Stephen Curry, James Harden and Anthony Davis.