Remember those nights sitting up watching Nintendo TVii? No? Me neither…

According to a recent post on the Miiverse, Nintendo will be shutting down Nintendo TVii on August 11th. This also unfortunately means that the TVii Miiverse community will no longer exist.

Nintendo released the following statement:

We sincerely thank you for all of your engagement within the community and the Nintendo TVii service. We look forward to your contributions within our many other Miiverse communities“.

Revealed in 2012, the service wasn’t actually launched until December 2013 in America and was delayed repeatedly in Europe before ultimately being scrapped completely.

As expected Nintendo fans worldwide are distraught at this bombshell Nintendo has announced, showing their loyalty to the service with such comments as:

You guys realize all we are losing is an under used community and a tv guide right? Cause that’s really all Nintendo TVii is, a tv guide. You can also comment on shows as they air, but like I said. The community was under used. Most shows were a ghost town.

I almost never used Nintendo TVii since I first got my Wii U in late 2012, therefore I don’t mind that it’s going away. Before the system was released, it was hyped to compete with the other TV cable boxes, yet it’s shutting down prematurely now. Who needs TV channels when we got Internet for allowing us to access pretty much every information TV would provide?

And of course the most descriptive comment of them all… The one that really showed the heartbreak in everyone’s heart!


This guy was so distraught he didn’t realise he was actually second. Poor guy.

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