No Man’s Sky, first revealed last year at 2015, is currently in development by Hello Games. The indie game features space exploration, and will attempt to build the largest digital worlds ever created – all on your Playstation 4.

At least, for now. No Man’s Sky is a timed exclusive. Sony managed to snag the game for a few months before PC will get it, and there isn’t even a confirmation of an Xbox One edition of the game.

No Man’s Sky space exploration theme is quite simple. You start on a planet. It’s yours, no one elses. But then all the other planets – all created for others who have signed in for the first time – you can go check those out as well.

The game, which will get the first party treatment from Sony as far as marketing goes, has yet to receive a release date. Sony has allowed for a few pictures to be published ahead of the conference, which is scheduled for 6pmPDT/9pmEST on June 15th, 2015.

Take a look at some of the (stunning) screen shots below, and tune in for Sony’s E3 2015 show case. Which will, no doubt, contain more information about this game.

nomanssky3 nomanssky6 nomanssky5 nomanssky4 nomanssky2


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