The upcoming movie based on the critically acclaimed MMORPG Warcraft is facing a little bit of flak in recent news.

The Hollywood Reporter called Warcraft a “trouble” movie, possibly implying that Universal, the production company, isn’t feeling too good about its odds as a success.

Despite director Duncan Jones (The Source Code) calming down fans on twitter, saying “Universal moved us to the same date as Jurassic World, so we must have done some right!” the point has actually rarely been brought up in regards to the upcoming video game adaptation.

Film adaptations of video games have never quite had the same impact as original movies. In plainer terms, they’re pretty terrible. Considering the scope and popularity of World of Warcraft, and the Warcraft series as a whole, it’s amazing it isn’t brought up daily that the Warcraft film has some serious shoes to fill if it’s going to be even just a “good” movie.

Warcraft isn’t on its own. It’s no news that Assassin’s Creed is getting the film treatment as well, however what is news are the fans welcoming the film. Perhaps it’s due to the recent outcry against Assassin’s Creed’s same and stale nature, or perhaps people are legitimately excited about the film.

It wasn’t too long ago that fans groaned at the announcement of yet another super hero film. They were sick of Superman, sick of Spiderman, sick of the Fantastic 4. However today, the cast announcement for Captain America 3 has people jumping out of their seats and screaming as loud as their message boards will allow them. In fact, superhero television shows have been catching up to reality tv in terms of popularity with programs such as Arrow, Gotham and Daredevil.

It may not be too farfetched to think that Warcraft is going to be a fantastic movie. It could very well be the greatest video game film to date when it is released. Obviously, we won’t know until its release in June next year. But, we may be entering an age where a video game movie doesn’t bring groans, but cheers instead.

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