Minecraft is beginning to feel like the game that will never be completed. Originally released 2011, Minecraft has grown into a giant now owned by Microsoft.

That isn’t to say that the updates aren’t appreciated by the community, though. Minecraft 1.9 is on its way, but the patch has been delayed until February 29th.

As always, the patch notes for differences between 1.8 and 1.9 will be released alongside the update. In the mean time, Mojang released a blog post detailing some bug fixes they just released. Known as the 1.9 pre-release, this should get the game running smoother then ever.

A list of what was fixed can be found below, as well as general notes to the update.

  • Bugs fixed
  • Increased durability of shields
  • Some crystals in the end are protected by cages again
  • Added 34.7% more hype for Minecraft 1.9
  • [Bug MC-35127] – Wrong NBT TAG Type for fallTime in FallingSand Entities
  • [Bug MC-35714] – Sounds loop/restart when exiting screens
  • [Bug MC-89928] – Portals not placing the player at correct coordinates
  • [Bug MC-90101] – Mob Spawner is overwriting (ignoring?) Pos[x,y,z] data of entity
  • [Bug MC-91290] – Skeletons with no AI spawning naturally
  • [Bug MC-95538] – /playsound command doesn’t work with selectors not resolving to exactly one entity
  • [Bug MC-96863] – Marker ArmorStand Should Not Have Passenger Offset
  • [Bug MC-97217] – Weird placement of player while riding an entity after swimming with elytra
  • [Bug MC-97235] – Resource pack in minecraft world save file not working
  • [Bug MC-97251] – Rail Duplication Glitch

It was confirmed via Twitter that the update will be releasing on February 29th.


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