Quantum Break, the Xbox One exclusive video game and show experiment from Remedy Entertainment has been confirmed as a no-show at E3 from Chief Creative Officer Sam Lake.

In a YouTube video uploaded only today, Lake stated that the next information on the transmedia product Quantum Break will be coming from Gamescom later this year, welcoming each and every fan to check out an exclusive demo on the show floor.

Lake also adds that this fall is the 20th anniversary of Remedy Entertainment and personally thanks each of us for following them and playing their games across the years. To celebrate, he invites viewers to create a short video describing their favourite Remedy moment or just wishing the studio a happy birthday, and then trying out the “Max Payne grimace.” From these videos, Lake and a group of Remedy staff will be picking one winner to go to the headquarters in Finland to the Remedy 20th anniversary birthday party. If you’d like to participate, you can view the full video from Remedy Entertainment below:

It sounds like, regardless of this lack of new information that Lake is at least excited to show the new demo at Gamescom so we can continue to look ahead for new details around Quantum Break.

Head over to Remedy Entertainment’s website for further information on the competition.

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