So it’s that time of year again. For Warcraft fans the hype for Blizzcon starts now. In amongst the glitz and glamour, big reveals and awesome guests the event has a large number of competitive competitions running throughout. One of those being the Warcraft Arena World Championship finals, a three versus three arena tournament pitting the best teams from around the globe against each in other in combat.

There is only room for 8 teams at the finals, three from the Americas, Three from Europe, one from China and one from Asia-Pacific championship between Korea and Taiwan. Opening week will see the teams reduced from 8 to 4 and the 4 finalists will compete live at Blizzcon 2015 where they will be battling for a share of a 250,000 USD cash prize.

So to get one of these prestigious places teams will have to go through the gruelling championship stages shown here:



For the first time, this year Blizzard are allowing teams to have an extra member. This will give teams more flexibility when it comes to decided which 3 man composition to fight with. They say it will allow teams to spend less time worrying about what particular set up the other teams are going to be using and allow them to focus more on playing their best and making the tournament more fun to watch.

Over the coming weeks more details will be revealed on how and where to watch these qualifying matches so keep it tuned to for all the information on that as we’ll be keeping tabs on who’s going to be competing for that huge cash prize at Blizzcon 2015 later this year.

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