Rumor: Battlefield 2143 Possibly Leaked

Someone over on reddit dropped a bombshell today, claiming that Battlefield 2143 exists and is in the process of development.

Just how true this is no one knows yet.

They did also drop 3 images which they claimed were from what they saw of the game along with the message “excuse the quality, we were kind of being rushed around”.

The user provided no other information of the apparent game and their account is completely empty other than this post; either this person is trying to avoid legal issues or is just pulling everyone’s legs.

The apparently leaked game would be the long awaited sequel to Battlefield 2142 which was released back in 2006 as a PC exclusive for Windows and Mac operating systems.

The official online multiplayer servers for Battlefield 2142 were finally close last year but that hasn’t stopped waves of fans from continuing the game through clans and communities to keep the almost decade old game running online.

People over on reddit are certainly hoping this images are real however there are few issues with the images which are raising huge red flags such as the logos not being the same size.

If the rumor does turn out to have some truth to it then we still wouldn’t be seeing the game or any news on it for some time yet.

Are you hopeful the ‘leak’ is real or are you doubtful about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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