Recently, a Nintendo representative says that Metroid, Star Fox, and Mario Sunshine 2 for Wii U may be highlighted during Nintendo’s E3 presentation. According to the rumor, the Nintendo representative spilled some advance E3 details to a GameStop employee.

There hasn’t been much information regarding the Metroid game for Wii U, but last month, it was reported that Metroid Prime’s Retro Studios was in the process of building a new graphics engine, so this could be hinting towards a game.

New info was revealed about Star Fox Wii U, a multiplayer mode for the game will be talked about during E3. The source says its gameplay premise will be similar to “Star Fox’ 64’s” Battle Mode but will be fit for online matches.

And last but definitely not least, there was a vague mention of Super Mario Sunshine 2. The  Nintendo representative said that a sequel  to Super Mario Sunshine seemed like the best bet and that it will be covered during E3.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is true or not. Which of these games are you hoping for?


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