Just last month it was hinted that Square Enix has been working on an ‘experimental new IP’ and it is possible we now have an idea just what it might be. With a video that popped up on Square Enix’s Japanese youtube channel, it appears the company is certainly launching a new IP, but it comes in the surprising form of a free-to-play, 5v5 online multiplayer mech shooter called Figure Heads.

Set in a world where the surface of Earth has been ravaged, humanity forced underground, remotely controlled mechs are the only way to explore the ruins. And if you have mechs and guns, why not shoot each other, and give it a fun name like BOTgame? The trailer features hints of strategy, team coordination, melee combat, and even anime girl customization. At one point the trailer also shows four-player split screen, but it is unclear whether this is actually a feature or simply for the effect of the trailer.

While no international trailer exists just yet, it is possible we will see one next week with Square Enix taking the stage for their first E3 press conference, especially given the confirmation last week that Final Fantasy XV would be entirely absent from the show.

E3 or not however, on the Figure Head‘s website, the next update is set to appear on June 10th, this coming Wednesday. As we learn more information about the game, you can find it all right here on Gamespresso. What do you think of the trailer? Do you like the idea of Square Enix dipping their toes in the multiplayer shooter arena? Let us know in the comments.

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