Sony has been talking about Project Morpheus for some time now, and the latest news regarding the project is some exciting news indeed.  With Project Morpheus peaking around the corner, Sony is appearing to be strengthening its team at Worldwide Studios with the addition of a brand-spanking new studio.

The studio will be based in the English North West and it will be working exclusively on original games for Project Morpheus.  As of now the studio is being labeled as “North West Studio” –creative, isn’t it?– and there have been several career opportunities published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for the studio.

So far the career opportunities that have been published are as follows:

  • Lead and Gameplay Programmer
  • Experienced Gameplay Programmer
  • Experienced Graphics Engine Programmer
  • Lead Designer
  • Experienced Game Designer-Systems
  • Lead Artist
  • Experienced Character Animator for Games
  • Experienced Level Designer

So, the career opportunities have really opened up with the addition of this new studio.  Getting a job involved with Project Morpheus could lead into many more career opportunities for gaming’s next big thing: Virtual Reality.  Seems like a good time to be living in Europe…

For a more in-depth description of these career opportunities:

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