Announced in yesterdays Weekly Update from Deej, a new Hot Fix for Destiny seems to be in the works. Hot Fix, which is set to release next week, will address the Prison of Elders…specifically, the level 35 challenge where players face the Fallen Kell of Kells, Skolas.

Hot Fix is essentially going to make the level 35 PoE experience just a bit easier for players new to the challenge. Many of you that have met Skolas in the Prison know he isn’t exactly easy to take down (unless you have a Gjallarhorn and a lot of Heavy ammo synths). As a result, the devs at Bungie are making changes to Skolas and the entire round 6 experience – they also don’t seem too happy about so many players relying on their Ghorns.

After the Hot Fix, the round 6 Skolas challenge will no longer have Void, Arc, or Solar burn modifiers, and the other modifiers will be mixed up quite a bit more. His health will be slightly reduced, too, to compensate. There will also be changes to Fallen minions spawning throughout the engagement, depending on Skolas’s health. In short, fighting Skolas will hopefully become a little less grueling.

The new Hot Fix for Destiny is set to release next week during E3. If you didn’t catch the Weekly Update from DeeJ yesterday, you can find it on Bungie’s website. Is there anything else you hope to see in the new Hot Fix? Leave your comments below.

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