E3 in recent years has become the ‘must watch’ for gamers who are keen on finding out more information about games that are due to be released within the next year and to discover new games when they are revealed.

Twitch will be broadcasting the press conferences live including the exclusive PC gaming show which is only available on Twitch.

A dedicated E3 stream and information page is already up Twitch and streamers are being encouraged to “co-stream” the E3 content from the official Twitch channel then layer their own commentary on the video. Doing this from other channels however will be subject to DMCA as usual.

Following Twitch’s past E3 coverage the Day 0 broadcast will return on June 15th and will be streamed from 9am to 7.30pm PDT and will of course include press conferences, exclusive game and gameplay reveals as well as appearances from major developers and publishers. On top of this Twitch will broadcast from it’s own E3 stage with it’s staff hosts and guest hosts all through E3 from June 15th to the 18th.

For those who may find English too difficult to listen to for whatever reason, Twitch will be partnering with several different channels from different countries including a German team and a French team. There will at least be streams in German and French alongside the main English livestream.

All times for the Twitch broadcasts are in PDT

June 14
3pm : Nintendo World Championships
7pm: Bethesda

June 15
9.30am: Xbox
1pm: EA
3pm: Ubisoft
6pm: Playstation

June 16
9am: Nintendo
10am: Square Enix
5pm: PC Gaming Show (exclusive to Twitch)

Any Europeans will be needing to either stay awake or get up early to catch the streams. Just as an example the ‘evening’ streams will be starting between 1am-3am British time. European viewers around that time zone who plan to watch might want to have a few energy drinks on hand if they want to watch live.

What streams are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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