Production on the Uncharted series’ film adaptation has lost another director.  Heroic Hollywood reported Seth Gordon is to be replaced as director. No statement has been made regarding the reason for his departure, but two potential reasons include a reduced budget and taking the movie “in a new direction”.

Seth Gordon had mentioned not wanting to rehash the same narrative as one of the games, but to create a new story of Nathan Drake’s adventures. He also said filming would begin early 2015, so we can see his plans fell through.  If the movie is moving away from Gordon’s plan, this could mean the plot might mimic one of the games, though unlikely as they are practically movies themselves.

Since it was announced in 2009, the Uncharted movie has seen a number of directors fall by the wayside.  With the Sony Pictures hack last year, we saw details about the film, including a script, but these are likely to be scrapped as the project changes direction.  For Uncharted fans craving more Drake, look forward to Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection October 9th and Uncharted: A Thief’s End 4 early next year.

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