The Nathan Drake Collection, Sony’s new bundle for the PlayStation 4 that includes all three original Uncharted games: Drake’s Fortune, Among Thieves and Drake’s Deception. There will also be an included multiplayer beta for the new game, A Thief’s End. However, that’s all the multiplayer that will be included on this bundle. Naughty Dog’s Eric Monacelli confirmed that they have “no plans to release multiplayer again. We didn’t want to fracture the current player pool and community.”

The original game, Drake’s Fortune had no multiplayer. However, the sequels both had traditional multiplayer as well as a co-op experience. The trade off is getting to play 1080p/60fps versions of the campaigns. There is also a new photo mode, as well as additional trophy support.

This is the opposite of what Microsoft did with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It included the campaigns, but also multiplayer. This didn’t end up well for them, even though they ended up fixing it. But the big difference here is that Halo is commonly known for it’s multiplayer. Uncharted on the other hand isn’t, to the point that I completely forgot there even was an option to play co-op in these games.

I don’t think this is too bad of an idea. The games aren’t known for multiplayer, and it means that the focus can be on the new game’s multiplayer instead. Instead of spreading the multiplayer love around for all of the games, they’re taking the time (hopefully) to make the newer multiplayer better. If this is really the case, then this choice was the best choice to make. I feel like they made the right choice, but we will have to see how the new game’s multiplayer goes.

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