Patch 6.2 is looking to be a pretty big deal for Warcraft and amongst the many changes we’ve already taken a look at, there is going to be more added to Ashran. Ashran is currently the PvP battleground/zerg-fest where level 100 players go to attempt to steam roll the opposing faction. There are plenty of activities to participate in while taking part in the battle and Blizzard looks set to add some more.

There are 3 new quests being added which will reward conquest points as they will no longer be awarded for killing faction bosses and completing events. Slay Them All is a weekly quest to get 200 honor kills and will reward you with 200 conquest points, Ashran Dominance is another weekly quest which rewards 500 conquest points for completing 5 events and killing a faction boss and Continue The Domination is a repeatable version of the previous quest with the same rewards.

There is also a new area uncovered in Ashran. The Excavation is a large underground area home to Arakkoa ghosts. The activity in this area will be killing them to gather Apexis Marks of Redemption and whichever faction gathers 50 the quickest and turns them in wins the event. For screenshots of the new area check out the original post on the Warcraft site here.

Have you been taking part in the Ashran battles so far? Do you enjoy them? Or has this patch turned you off PvP? As always I’m eager to hear your thoughts on where Warcraft is going and how you feel about it so let me know in the comments below!

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