After being in production for over 2 and a half years, Sjoerd ‘Hourences’ De Jong will finally be showing off their game ‘The Solus Project’. The Solus Project is a single player, sandbox experience driven by a narrative. You’ll be playing as a remaining survivor of Earth, when you land on a ‘seemingly deserted planet’ your ship crashes and you lose contact with any remaining survivors and team members, leaving you stranded and alone to traverse the landscape to survive.

The Solus Project has familiar mechanics as other survival sandbox games such as exploration, farming, scavenging and crafting. What sets The Solus Project apart is that there’s a direct goal that is achieved after completing 10 handcrafted levels. Each level will have puzzles to solve and secrets to uncover.

As mentioned, The Solus Project will be available on Steam Early Access as of the 19th of February and on the Xbox Game Preview as of February 26th. The game is looking for a full release sometime in May. The early access and preview versions are meant to be a final opportunity for Hourences to get the community to bug test before the final release.

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