Microsoft has announced that support for wireless connection adapters for the Xbox One controllers are coming this fall for PCs, in addition to the other hardware upgrades that have been recently announced. Currently the controllers need to be connected via a USB cord in order to be used with a PC, but Microsoft is developing what seems to be a small wireless adapter the size of a flash drive that will enable wireless play.

The wireless adapter is said to be supported by all platforms that have a USB port and are running on Windows 10. This includes all PCs, laptops, and even tablets, but Microsoft made it clear that the Wireless adapter would not be supported by any previous versions of Windows. The Wireless adapter is also specifically made for Xbox One controllers and as such will not work with Xbox 360 controllers.

Although we don’t have an exact date as to when the wireless support is coming, the pricing has already been figured out. There will be a bundle for the Xbox One controller and wireless PC adapter for $79.95 when it’s ready. If you just want the PC adapter alone, it will run you $24.99

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