In the latest trailer for Yoshi’s Woolly World, we get to see the soft, fluffy look of the game as well as the platforming mechanics behind it. But really we were all just looking at how adorable Yoshi is.

In the trailer we see Woolly Yoshi travel through the world to save his brothers and sisters that have all been unravelled and scattered by Kamek, one of the koop kids. The gameplay is just what you would expect from a Yoshi game but with the added sprinkling of sugar that is yarnballs instead of eggs, springs instead of jumps and little woolly fans instead of Yoshi’s normal hover.

The trailer shows the player being able to unlock new patterns and colours for Yoshi, hidden collectibles and secrets throughout the different levels and a look at the new power badges that give Yoshi some small abilities like immunity to fire, item magnetism, powering up a ground pound or seeing hidden items. The trailer puts an emphasis on using these badges to complete levels and find all the secrets. My guess is this will help hammer home the replay value too.

Another feature we see is mellow mode that allows Yoshi to sprout wings and fly, for all those that want to enjoy the snuggly experience without the challenge. As well as this comes features like a two player co-op mode and the ability to use your amiibos create another Yoshi on the screen or to unlock exclusive patterns such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Link and Peach.

The new trailer came courtesy of Nintendo UK on their YouTube channel.

Sources: Polygon, Bagogames

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