An Ubisoft game entitled Zombi for the Xbox One has been classified on the Australian Classification Board’s website.

Although speculation, this would likely seem to be a port of Ubisoft’s 2012 title ZombiU on the Wii U, as the classification given (MA15+ for strong horror violence, blood and gore) is the same as that given to the original game. Alongside this, Ubisoft Montpellier’s creative director Jean-Philippe Caro had confirmed work had begun on a ZombiU 2 prototype in May 2013, and in July of the same year Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot told Gamespot that due to “betting big” on the WiiU the game was unprofitable so a sequel was unlikely. This could be the next best thing, and a second shot at making a real go of establishing Zombi as a survival franchise in an ever-widening genre.

The listing is another reveal in a string of truths from Unseen64, the self-styled archive for the unreleased and unseen, who had said previously that a port was in development in this video only a week ago, having also revealed a fully developed but unreleased WiiU title and concept art for Driver 5.


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