For those who are avid fans of Madden, this new Xbox One bundle comes with strong incentive for those looking to make the transition to the new console if you haven’t already.

The bundle, set to release August 18, coming out a week before the official release of Madden 16,  allowing for gamers to get their hands on it 1 week earlier; was it mentioned that you will be saving $90?

This sweet Xbox One Bundle comes with:

  • Madden 16
  • EA Access
  • New 1TB Xbox (New Envisioned Xbox Controller)

So you will have early access to Madden, you will be covered for EA access allowing you to be able to play a massive catalogue of EA Games, and you will also have the new version of the Xbox which has double the memory capacity as the previous version.

So what do you think about this sweet deal? Will this be something that you are interested in purchasing? Let us know in the comments.

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