The Titan class from Destiny is about to immortalised in an incredibly detailed action figure from toy company A3.

Produced via a partnership between A3, Activision and Bungie, this statue stands at 12.6 inches tall and sports finely detailed “battle worn” armour, layered with cloth to make it even more realistic in terms of the character in-game. It also features 24 different points of articulation – a whole lot of posing.

Fans of Destiny will be delighted at the instantly recognisable set of weaponry the figurine is equipped with. It sports replicas of Hawkmoon hand cannon, the Shadow Price auto rifle, the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun, and the Zombie Apocalypse WF47.

Unfortunately, the Hawkmoon replica is exclusive to retailer Bambaland and will go up for sale July 27th. Figures from other outlets will come with everything else though. Pre-orders open worldwide July 31st, and a full list of worldwide retailers can be found here.

Owing to A3’s attention to detail, the figurine will run you a cool $190. However, for die hard Destiny veterans, this hefty price is undoubtedly offset by A3’s  impressive craftsmanship.

You can find more images of the figurine below to bask in its impressive might.

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