Since the launch of Alien Colonial Marines, CEO Randy Pitchford has been under fire for delivering a game that was subpar to what he showed gamers in previous demos, trailers and gameplay videos.

What fans of the Alien series expected was a polished first person shooter with incredible Alien AI that would stalk, hunt and use the environment to ultimately turn you inside out. What fans got was a rough first draft instead, complete with downgraded graphics, unappealing textures and an enemy AI that would stop and look you dead in the eyes as you shot it in the face. Here’s a reminder:

After a recent tryhard attempt at gaining some good publicity, Randy Pitchford took to Twitter with #AskRandy. That was a mistake. The hashtag was instead bombarded with questions about Colonial Marines and Randy’s previous refusal to acknowledge the game’s failings.

During a heated argument on Twitter, Randy Pitchford argued his case and finally acknowledged the controversy:



Randy opened up about many aspects of the game’s development including the game’s need to sell 3 million copies when it only sold 1.3 million, essentially making it a “commercial failure”. Randy also opened up about the relationship between Gearbox Software and SEGA after being complaints that the launch videos were misrepresentative of the final product and that SEGA felt Gearbox did not invest enough effort into developing the game that they showed off.

The lawsuit was dropped eventually and Gearbox now set to work on their next project. But Pitchford has still been asked questions by unsatisfied fans concerning Colonial Marines. After his many argued tweets the last couple of days, I think fans have had some of their questions answered.

Source: Gamespot.