From cosplay to fan-fiction, throughout the years fans have done just about everything to show their appreciation and love for a product whether it be a TV show or a video game, but one fan has definitely taken it to the next level using new 3D printing technology to create a working replica of an in-game weapon.

Kirby Downey, fan of Bungie’s blockbuster online FPS Destiny, has created a downloadable 3D-printed design of the Thorn hand cannon that’s not only to scale, it fires as well. In the description Kirby states that he designed it as “a simple shroud which encases an electric CYMA Glock 18C AEP airsoft pistol”. He goes on to state that he also create space in the model to house metal dowels that strengthen the model in case it is dropped or otherwise poorly handled.

Although he did an amazing job, I’ll wait for the version able to house a paintball gun.


Perhaps you can play around with this build or the weekly challenges while waiting for the upcoming The Taken King Expansion which features many updates including, sadly, a Thorn nerf.

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