Back in April, an exiting new feature was announced for The Elder Scrolls V when a partnership between Valve and Bethesda revealed modders on Steam would be able to sell their creations as opposed to the many years before where modders never made a penny.

The modding community praised the idea but a majority of gamers were displeased about the new service, seeking to have it removed which it eventually was. Within days of implementation, paid mods were removed with Valve explaining “It’s become clear we didn’t know exactly what we were doing.” Bethesda’s Pete Hines made clear he was still hopeful for the return of paid mods, but with a few tweaks here and there.

“I think that we feel like there is a case to be made that people who spend a lot of time working on mods ought to be able to have a way of monetizing what they’re doing.” – Pete Hines

Those hoping for the return of paid mods to Skyrim or the upcoming Fallout 4 should probably dash those hopes right now as it seems the process will take a little while longer to make it’s return, with Hines stating in an interview with Gamespot “Honestly, [we have] bigger fish to fry right now than sorting that out” in reference to Fallout 4.

Source: Gamespot, VG247.

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