Need For Speed’s latest update, which launched today, is adding manual transmissions to the game.

But that isn’t the only thing new to the game. On top of manual transmissions, developer Ghost Games has added Drag Racing and Hot Rods to the game.

The Hot Rods that are being added to the game come with a full set of customization, according to the official blog post. Hood, Lights, Grille, Exhausts, Bumpers and more can all be changed.

The Drag Racing is inspired by previous Need For Speed Titles, with five new Drag Racing events. “There will be five new Drag events for you to take part in; Neck to Neck, The Perfect Shifts, Drag the Town, Pedal to the Metal and Speed Tunnel.”

With new cars on the way, Ghost Games has your back as far as garage space goes. “Starting next week your garage will receive an upgrade that will allow you to store an additional five cars, perfect for those eyeing up a new ride and no excuse now not to take a Hot Rod for a fun-filled spin around Ventura bay.”

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