Destiny’s subreddit was created in the early days of the game’s development, back when there was only concept art and a few ideas of how the game would be. Reddit user Cozmo helped create and moderate the subreddit, which now has more than 190,000 subscribers and contributors. Cozmo has been great at keeping the subreddit in check, and it seems that his talents and hard work has caught the attention of the developers at Bungie.

Cozmo has been hired as a community manager at Bungie for their popular game Destiny. Most Destiny players know DeeJ as the head community manager, making sure the Destiny community is kept up to date with some of the events and work being done in Bungie’s studio. By now, the community has grown to a pretty large size, so it’s been difficult for DeeJ to handle all of the work on his own.

As a result, Cozmo will be working with DeeJ as a community manager, helping to ensure players are informed of some changes at Bungie and for Destiny. Unfortunately, that means he’ll be leaving his job of moderating the Destiny subreddit, but we wish him the best of luck at his new job!

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