A ton of news is coming out regarding the new Star Wars Battlefront game from the Star Wars Celebration which is taking place at the time of writing. One of the big talking points is that Star Wars Battlefront will not feature a single-player mode.

We all know that multiplayer is DICE’s strong point, but I’m sure that I speak on behalf of many other gamers when I say that I have a lot of fond memories playing Battlefront II on singleplayer. Don’t get me wrong, the multiplayer is undoubtedly going to be great and by having the focus exclusively on this mode it should be the best it can be, but do you feel like there will be an element of nostalgia missing if you can’t jump around as Yoda among NPC’s as opposed to real people?

Battlefront II didn’t really have a campaign that could be taken seriously, but playing it in local co-op or single player was always a highlight for me, yet at the same time I’m delighted to see that there will be plenty of focus on the 40-player per match multiplayer mode.

What do you think? Does Star Wars Battlefront need a single player mode?

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