next_gen_consolesAfter a long, drawn-out fifteen year drought for the video game market in China, citizens of that region may finally purchase consoles and play the popular titles that they’ve missed. And they’ve missed a lot. Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are prepared to launch a massive wave of their products onto the eager market.

The Chinese government banned the sale, manufacturing, and use of video games in the year 2000 due to the concern for the physical fitness and mental wellbeing of children in their country. The Chinese Ministry of Culture released a statement that major gaming companies can manufacture and sell consoles and games within their country. Whatever seemed to change their minds is a mystery, but it’s a billion dollar industry that is sure to be beneficial to all parties. Not to mention how much fun gamers in China are going to have now that they get to experience all of the products that have been released in the last fifteen years.

Beforehand, China only allowed the sale and manufacturing of consoles in a limited space (Shanghai) to outside buyers, obviously not realizing that they could be making much more money and increasing their GDP had they been allowing consoles to be sold and manufactured within their own country. Something we can also expect from China is the creation of new gaming companies, whether it be a new console or simply a new game developer. Either way, jobs will be created, a whole new market will open up, and there are probably going to be some pretty competitive new Destiny players joining our ranks.

I get it, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. However, completely cutting off a good thing in fear that it’s really a bad thing is ignorance. Hopefully the censorship in China won’t ruin the experience for the new player community. So play nicely, China. And good luck, gamers.

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