Another Nintendo E3 Digital Event has come and gone with a mixture of nice surprises and some disappointments. The Big N, however, always manages to release great titles in the form of their well known franchises. Every once in awhile there is even a nice surprise from a new IP like Pikmin or most recently Splatoon. One game that seemed to be a real surprise hit for Nintendo fans was almost a combination of the two.

2001’s Luigi’s Mansion for the GameCube was one of the best games that no one saw coming. While it was set in the Mario universe and starred the the tall younger brother of the Nintendo mascot, it also provided new gameplay and some original characters that have gone on to other Mario titles. Most important of all, it was fun. So why isn’t there a Wii U sequel?

Who's ready for some more frightening fun?

Who’s ready for some more frightening fun?

Nintendo Land, the first game released for the Wii U, gave a glimpse of many popular franchises on the console through minigames. Luigi’s Mansion was one of these franchises and it is arguably the best minigame available for Nintendo Land. This serves as great evidence for the potential of a Luigi’s Mansion game on the Wii U. The two screen system could be great for players, having the main gameplay on the television while the GamePad screen contains your map. For more intensity, perhaps the GamePad could also have your radar on it. Ghosts could be approaching, but you’ll have take a look down to see just how close they are. The Nintendo Land Luigi’s Mansion game also proved that a vibration of the controller to represent a nearby ghost can be quite thrilling. This might be a bit more risky, but why not go as far as to have ghosts only visible on the GamePad? If that idea is a bit too difficult for players, it could just be a certain type of ghost. Either way, the possibilities are there.

Great multiplayer fun on Nintendo Land's Luigi's Ghost Mansion

Great multiplayer fun on Nintendo Land’s Luigi’s Ghost Mansion

While it is true that a Luigi’s Mansion game was recently released, it was for the Nintendo 3DS. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon emphasized new gameplay ideas for the franchise that would be great on a home console like the Wii U. Just like the Wii U, the 3DS has a two screen system, so the idea of using that for Luigi’s Mansion has already been tested and works out great. The game was also unique in that it had more than one mansion. With DLC being a regular thing these days, a new Luigi’s Mansion game could keep the fun coming over and over again with new downloadable mansions. Even more so, the success and positive critical reception of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, over a decade after its predecessor, shows the fan base is still there.

Dark Moon added even more fun baddies

Dark Moon added even more fun baddies

Besides being part of the Luigi’s Mansion franchise, Dark Moon and the Nintendo Land minigame have something else in common. They had great multiplayer. While Dark Moon had cooperative gameplay, Nintendo Land’s minigame had also had one player serve as a ghost to hunt the other players. A Wii U Luigi’s Mansion could bring both of these ideas in a bigger and better form. Imagine the ghost hunter game of Nintendo Land on a larger scale, with multiple rooms and full 3D layout. Perhaps the player using the ghost could choose among different ghosts that have various amounts of abilities. Rooms could even be randomly generated, like in Dark Moon.

The year of Luigi may have ended, but that doesn’t mean the younger brother of Mario shouldn’t get some more Wii U love. The console itself could use another title that hardcore Nintendo fans can get excited about. The options for gameplay are all there. A Luigi’s Mansion for the Wii U would be a great move by the Big N. May it one day soon be a reality.

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