More news from this weekend’s PlayStation Experience is the announcement of the cross-over fighting game Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. The game will feature single player Arcade mode, Training and Mission modes as well as a cinematic Story mode. There will also be a robust multiplayer mode including ranked and casual matches, and an online global leaderboard.

The game is currently in development from Marvel and Capcom, and is set to launch across North America and Europe in late 2017.

The trailer teases us with just four of the games characters, including Iron Man and Ryu, but we can be sure that the full release will contain many of the iconic heroes from both sides of the battle lines.

Information from the PlayStation Blog tells us that the game will include battle-changing “Infinity Stones” that can be implemented into your strategy to influence the outcome of a battle. The 2v2 format of combat shown in the trailer will surely lead to some dramatic and explosive action.

A new villain will be revealed for the immersive story mode, where players will be able to chose from heroes of both sides, in a battle against the forces of evil.

If you count yourself among the fans of the Marvel or Capcom Universes, or indeed the fighting games genre, then stay tuned for further announcements regarding Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite over the next few months.

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