The latest Overwatch digital comic has been released, and this issue focuses on the angel of justice, Pharah.

“Mission Statement” was written by Andrew Robinson, who also wrote last week’s Symmetra story. The issue follows Pharah as she battles the Anubis program, an artificial intelligence that can overpower other AIs and force its will on them. The comic will deliver essential backstory behind the tattoo that both Pharah and her mother Ana both have.

You can download Mission Statement for free at the Overwatch website, as well as all of the past issues.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can read Gamespresso’s review of the game here. Alongside the digital comics, a number of animated shorts exploring the game’s different characters have been released as well. The latest animated short focuses on Soldier 76, as he protects a young girl from the members of los muertes.

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