It has only been a week since the last animated short for Overwatch was released. Pitting Hanzo and Genji against one another in the ‘Dragons’ short, the newest short ‘Hero’ shows the lone Soldier 76 defending a young girl from los muertos members.

A simple and cliche story, but one that describes Soldier 76. The commander of Overwatch gone under the radar, he’s developed himself into a vigilante whose sense of justice still remains despite being a broken man from who he was. Made apparent by the ‘moral choice’ of protecting the girl from the explosion or chasing off the weapon smugglers. The final scenes with Soldier 76 standing watch to make sure the girl gets home safely solidifies his sense of duty.

Meanwhile, the ‘Dragons’ animated short covers the backstory between Hanzo and Genji. Two brothers torn apart by their choices and beliefs. Seeking peace after killing his brother, Hanzo encounters his brother in an Omnic suit and only realizes who he is after losing in a duel against Genji. The two bury the hatchet momentarily until Genji tries to encourage Hanzo to follow his beliefs. Refusing to let go of his beliefs, Hanzo pledges to hunt Genji down again.

The shorts are still coming with 7 out of the current roster of 21 characters. Speaking of, a new character was supposedly teased within the Hero short. Monday will see the grand reveal for the character! Overwatch itself is right around the corner with just one more sleep left (for some countries).

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