Nolan North

Nolan North will be the voice of new main bad guy in Guild Wars 2 expansion.

Nolan North is one of the most famous voice actors ever. He is the voice of Nathan Drake in Uncharted, The Penguin in Batman, Deadpool in Deadpool, and more.

As of August 29th 2015 Guild Wars 2 has become free to play. Guild Wars 2 doesn’t have a monthly fee, so the core game is available to be played for free. The expansion has 3 different versions to purchase. The standard version has both the core game and the expansion. The deluxe edition contains the same stuff as the standard edition, and more. The ultimate edition has what the deluxe edition has with an included 4000 gems ($50 value).

Nolan North will be voice acting as the villain, Mordremoth. Mordremoth is a dragon, and can only be understood by the Sylvari race. Other character races can only hear the dragon roar, and other type of dragon sounds.

Two other impressive voice actors that will be acting in the expansion are Troy Baker, and Jennifer Hale. Troy Baker has voiced the Joker in several Batman related video games. Jennifer Hale voiced the female Commander Shepard in Mass Effect.

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