Posting on the Starcraft 2 website, Blizzard has finally given players a peek at what’s to come in the multiplayer of the game’s next expansion, Legacy of the Void. Announcing a closed beta will be held starting March 31st, which you can sign up for here, the post gives a quick run-though of the primary changes taking place in the beta, including new units and changes to in-match economy.

First off, the starter worker count is being upped from 8 to 12 with the hope of cutting out the early match downtime as players simply build-up their economies. Further mixing things up, Blizzard is also adjusting the amount of resources found at each base, looking to push, and reward, for players being bold enough to expand to multiple bases.

As far as the new units involved, the post introduces two Protoss units, two Zerg, and one Terran, with the promise of another Terran unit in the future. Protoss players can look forward to the Adept, a basic, ranged gateway unit that has the ability to send out a copy of itself and then teleport to wherever that copy is after a set amount of time, and the Disruptor, a robotics facility unit with the ability to emit a massive AoE blast in a circle around itself. The Zerg on the other hand are getting back a Starcraft 1 favorite, the Lurker, a unit that can burrow and send out a wave of spikes to skewer enemies from below, and then the Raveger, an artillery-like creature that can destroy Protoss barriers in a single hit. And finally, for the Terran players, there is the Cyclone, a missile battery tank that can lock on to enemy units and fire while moving.

As for existing units, the post laid out changes to Protoss Warp Prisms, Immortals, Oracles, Tempests, and Carriers, Zerg Corruptors, Swarm Hosts, and Nydus Worms, and finally Terran Battlecruisers and Siege Tanks.

Speaking about the changes, Blizzard said, “One of our main goals early in the beta is to get our new units locked down… At the end of the day, it’s very important that each new unit has an interesting, new strategic use and purpose.”

For a full overview of the changes, and to see the new units in action, be sure to check out the video below. What do you think of the new additions? Let us know in the comments.

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