Since launch, Destiny players have asked for a great deal of features in Bungie’s space-roaming epic. From in-game voice chat, to more content, these requests have varied in scope and importance; but they are no more than suggestions, with no visual guide to reference. Now there’s at least one requested feature that we can visualise – weapon shaders.

Destiny has a variety of shaders available for personalising one’s armour colours. Purely for aesthetic purposes, shaders are a nice start to Destiny‘s attempt at encouraging individuality in a social space. What many players are asking for, however, is for Bungie to now introduce weapon shaders.

In a video posted on Reddit, a user showed off their Photoshop skills in order to suggest some changes for Destiny in the near future. One of these changes was a list of weapon shaders. You can watch the video below for some of the player’s Destiny suggestions (the shader talk starts at 1:25), I recommend it for fans of the game keen on speculating as to how it will progress.

The look of the weapons when ‘shaded’ are incredibly detailed, and would look even better during gameplay. The user has to be commended on their Photoshopping skills just based on how legitimate the shaders look.

They also fit with Bungie’s pop-culture-referencing dynamic, with one referencing Red vs Blue, and another James Bond.

Weapon shaders would be a very useful addition for Destiny, if only based on how much more characterisation and customisation it will introduce. Giving players the option to personalise their weapons – and potentially have it colour-coordinate with their armour shader – sounds pretty great to me.

One particular counter that Bungie could employ is that many weapons are designed with specific colours in mind, so as to make them instantly recognisable. Given the immense player reaction over the video, however, it seems as though a great deal of fans would like to see weapon shaders in Destiny.

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