Activision’s Deadpool game, based on Marvel’s 4th wall breaking, hilarious anti-hero, has made its return back onto the Steam marketplace. You can get your hands on it again for $40. There’s no sign of it coming back to PS3 or Xbox 360, though.

It was taken off all digital storefronts in 2013, after a licensing agreement between Activision and Marvel ran out. Also removed were Activision’s other Marvel based games, such as Xmen: The Official Game, X-Men: Destiny, X-Men: Origins – Wolverine and the Spider-Man games. It’s unclear whether any of these will be available at some point, but for now they’re remaining off limits.

The return of the game to Steam (for which Deadpool would be highly disappointed by) came without so much as an announcement. It wasn’t there before and now it is. The move isn’t a complete surprise, as Activision launched a Prototype remastered bundle this week, which didn’t get much promotion either.

Having only brought ‘Deadpool’ back from digital-death is strange in itself, although this follows the San Diego Comic Con hype. With a new air of excitement about the Deadpool movie (starring Ryan Reynolds, due out in 2016), maybe they thought it was time to catch on to the buzz, and make some more money.

Whether or not Activision’s other Marvel games will follow is still unclear, so enjoy Deadpool on PC while you can… Lest it get taken down, you know, again.


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