With the shuffle period well under way, Na’Vi see their first change to the roster with the departure of team captain, ArtStyle.  With only a few days left to change their roster before the first Major, it will be interesting to see who Na’Vi bring in to replace their captain.

ArtStyle returned to Na’Vi during April of this year.  The team was struggling to perform at the same heights they had previously been at.  Unfortunately ArtStyle was unable to bring them back to their former glory, as they crashed out of The International in the first game of the lower bracket.  ArtStyle himself had this to say on leaving the team: “Unfortunately, we failed at The International 2015. Thus, we agreed that the right decision would be for me to leave the team. I wish the guys all the best of luck and many bright victories on their way. As for me, I am not going to stop playing and will come back to professional scene really soon.”

There is yet no word on who will be replacing ArtStyle in the Na’Vi lineup.  Alongside him, Na’Vi have also parted ways with their stand in player, Ivan ‘Vanskor’ Skorokhod.  Vanskor has been a reliable stand in for the team over the last few months.

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