Street Fighter V has finally hit store shelves. Gamers all around have not hesitated on grabbing a copy of their own and start beating up on the competition. Sometimes in an online match, you’re not always on the good end of that beating. This can lead to some cowardice behavior.

It seems players of Street Fighter V are having an issue with people rage quitting in the middle of a match. Not only is this annoying, because it ends a match before any KO’s occur, but there are no consequences to it whatsoever. If someone has not landed a single blow, they can simply leave the match and no one will receive a win or lose, as if no match was happening at all. Capcom has heard complaints about this issue and has plans of addressing it. No word yet on what exactly their solution will be, but it should be swift and fair.

Hopefully soon Capcom will fix this issue,  and the other old PC issue going on, and we can finally see Street Fighter V for what it’s worth. The title is out now for PC and PS4.


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