Battlefield 1 arrived across the globe on Friday. Along with all the achievements, medals, warbonds and of course just trying to avoid a bullet, players now have something else to aim for.

Easter eggs are being discovered in the form of headphones, which, when interacted with, play a message in Morse code. (Time to scrub up on your Morse.) The audio can be listened to by visiting one of the MCOMs (telegraph posts) that are scattered around the Conquest maps.

YouTuber DannyonPC explains about the hunt that is now underway, in this video posted on Sunday.

It is still unclear what the full message will reveal, if a player manages to collect a full set of these headphones. We hope it will be something spectacular, and if the gameplay and graphics of the newest DICE release are anything to go by, then it is safe to assume it will be.

Previous Battlefield titles also have numerous Easter eggs. These include the dog tag boxes on Battlefield 4 and the skinned rabbits on Battlefield: Hardline to name just two. These both unlock special in game loot such as camouflage or weapons, so one could expect something similar in the new World War 1 game.

As more players begin the hunt for these latest batch of hidden items, it is only a matter of time until someone breaks the mystery message. We wait with anticipation for the results.

Battlefield 1 is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and is widely regarded as a superb addition to the Battlefield series.

Check out Gamespresso explain the new medal system on Battlefield 1 here, something that may prove to be (slightly) more achievable for the average player than the hunt for hidden headphones.

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