Well before Star Wars 7 came out, the merchandise for any and all things related to the movie had come out in full swing. From the adorable BB-8  to the ridiculously giant-sized Kylo Ren plush, you’ll find all sorts of merchandise celebrating a movie that is slowly encroaching on Avatar’s turf as the highest grossing film of all time. So why stop the train? Drum up some more hype and love for the movie by enticing fans with several more sweet looking collector figures of the various figures from the movie, which can be seen below!

Now, I’m one of the 1% of heathens who haven’t really bothered to go out to watch the movie yet; so I can not confirm if there really are any spoilers to the showcasing of various characters from the movie. That said, some of these figures look incredible with great detail.

The various collector figures were made by Hot Toys who have been making these types of collector figures for many years.  Some of their extensive licensed figures range from popular series like Terminator to Avengers and Back to the Future. There are even talks of some Deadpool figures that are set to release when the Deadpool movie comes out later in the year.


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