Video game merchandise retailer Merchoid has revealed its upcoming line of official merchandise for Mass Effect Andromeda. The collection, which is titled the “Andromeda Initiative Collection,” includes t-shirts, hoodies, cropped tops, hats, socks, and bags. The items in the collection each feature either artwork, logos, or other imagery from the upcoming game.

Designs in the collection are based off of both the N7 uniforms from previous Mass Effect games as well as the Andromeda Initiative from the upcoming game, which is a program that has sent explorers to the Andromeda galaxy to search for a new home. The key items are the N7 Pathfinder Hoodies, which are tailored hoodies of a premium quality made to resemble the red and blue armor worn by soldiers with the N7 title in the Mass Effect universe.

Each item in the collection is officially licensed and manufactured by Level Up, and there are lots of options for both men and women. In a press release, Merchoid community manager Jessica Adams says “Whether you’re a FemRyder or MaleRyder, if you’re off exploring in search of a new Earth, you’re going to need some good gear. Our new range has everything you need (except the spaceship!).”

The entire collection is available for preorder now on Merchoid’s website, and will ship near Mass Effect: Andromeda’s release in March, 2017.