Destiny Crota's End

Destiny seems to be a game where players constantly try to one-up themselves. They take Bungie’s formula, how they made the game, and twist it, turn it on its head, to complete actions that no one would think of doing, such as taking a Sparrow all the way through the Vault of Glass. Now, it seems, a player has managed to solo the incredibly difficult Crota’s End Raid – on Hard Mode, no less.

Playing as a Hunter, YouTuber ‘The Legend Himself’ – known as ‘Slayerage’ on Reddit and Xbox Live – employed a vast number of tricks to stay alive during the multiple segments of the Raid. This includes playing as a Bladedancer and using Blink Strike during the opening Thrawl section, switching to Gunslinger for all the buffs during the Bridge section, and breaking out Gjallarhorn for the Shriekers. He even managed to make it to the speed-run chest at the end of the hallway.

Due to playing on a friend’s account, Slayerage was able to finish the Crota fight as a Warlock, where he switches back and forth between different Exotic weapons and armour to continually shift the buffs depending on the fight in question – i.e. Crota, Swordbearer, or Ogres.

The full video is well worth a watch, especially considering he managed to do it in just short of half an hour, with nary a mistake.



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