It’s Friday evening, so many people are getting off of work or out of class and coming home to enjoy a few hours of Destiny. The weekend means the Trials of Osiris is live once again, Xur has come out of the shadows, and many of you will have the opportunity to complete the weekly challenges.

This week for the Trials of Osiris, the map is the Hive-themed Cauldron. This is a medium-sized map with a large, open center area, flanked by many different routes. You and your fireteam will have to use the height differences to your advantage, as well as the doors placed around the center area. Should be fun!

As for Xur…he seems to be lacking a bit in the gear department. He has his usual exotic gear for all three Guardian classes, as well as an exotic shard and engram…but he seems to have forgotten his exotic weapons at home. Anyway, let’s take a quick look at what he does have.

Titans are able to buy the Helm of Inmost Light helmet, and it comes with 451/491 defense, +36/42 Light, and +94/99 Strength. The perks will reduce your melee cooldown when picking up an Orb of Light, give you the Death from Above and Headstrong Fist of Havoc upgrades, and increase your melee attack speed.

Hunters can buy the Celestial Nighthawk helmet, coming with 491 defense, +42 Light, and +123 Intellect. Its perks replenish Super energy with a grenade kill, increase the Super energy gained from killing minions of the Darkness, and allows the Golden Gun to fire one shot with 6x damage with over-penetration. Not a bad roll at all.

As for Warlocks, the Sunbreakers gauntlets are available with 369/402 defense, +36/42 Light, and +105/111 Intellect. The perks increase the duration of your solar grenade, increase the reload speed with Special weapons, and allow melee hits to replenish grenade energy.

The exotic gear is available for 13 strange coins apiece, along with an exotic shard (7 strange coins) and an exotic helmet engram (23 Motes of Light). Xur has his usual weapon telemetries and Sparrow upgrades as well. But alas, there is no exotic weapon.

If you missed it, you can check out all the other challenges in Destiny for this week right here. The stars await you, Guardians!


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