It’s Friday again, and that means many of you will be hopping onto Destiny after a long work week. Friday means the Trials of Osiris is now live, and the Agent of the Nine, Xûr, has come to sell some exotic gear.

This weekend, Xûr is in Tower North, and has his usual stash of gear (and no, he didn’t forget his exotic weapons this time). He’s got exotic armor for each Guardian class for 13 Strange Coins apiece, an exotic weapon for 17 Strange Coins, an exotic shard for 7 Strange Coins, an exotic armor engram for 23 Motes of Light, and his usual weapon telemetries and Sparrow upgrades. Let’s see what he’s carrying.

Titans are presented with The Armament Tarium chest armor, with 492/536 Defense, +36/42 Light, and +133/140 Discipline. The perks allow you to carry an additional grenade, carry more ammo for Heavy weapons, and carry more ammo for Special weapons.

Hunters can buy the Young Ahamkara’s Spine gauntlets, coming with 369/402 Defense, +36/42 Light, and +103/108 Discipline. The perks allow your Tripmine grenades to last longer when placed, increase the reload speed of Special weapons, and give you more Super energy from grenade kills.

Warlocks can get the Starfire Protocol chest armor, with 492/536 Defense, +36/42 Light, and +126/133 Intellect. The perks give you an extra Fusion grenade, and allow you to carry more ammo for both Pulse Rifles and Heavy Weapons.

And now, the exotic weapon of the week: Patience and Time. This exotic sniper rifle comes with Arc-elemental damage and 334/365 attack level. As you level it up, the perks give you active camouflage when aiming down sights, and your radar can stay active while aiming. This is a pretty good rifle, so this I would recommend picking up if you’ve got the coin.

If you’ve been looking forward to the Trials of Osiris all week, you’ll be in for a surprise: this week’s map is…all of them. Every one of the previous Trials maps will be in rotation this weekend, just like the permanent Elimination playlist in the Crucible. You’ll need to know the blueprints of Black Shield, Burning Shrine, Pantheon, The Cauldron, Thieve’s Den, and Widow’s Court; I would suggest checking out this week’s Weekly Update and study up on the heat maps.

If you haven’t had the time, the Weekly Nightfall and Heroic Strikes are available, of course, as well as the Prison of Elders and the two raids. It’s the weekend, so go crazy, Guardians!

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