HiRez Studios have revealed the newest update to Smite, The Astral Hunt, is coming this week, and brings a whole host of new things with it.

The most obvious update The Astral Hunt will bring is the new god, Chiron, The Great Teacher. He has Herbal Medicine, Training Exercise, Masterful Shot and Giddyup as abilities, and his ultimate, Centaurus, transforms him into a constellation. In this form, Chiron has the ability to fire three long-distance shots from his bow; these can travel through walls. Killing an enemy in this form returns the player to life (if you should die in Centaurus form) with Health equal to damage dealt.

The Astral Hunt also brings the game mode “Clash” into the mix.

Clash will pit teams of five against one another to compete to push down the enemy Titan. HiRez explained that the new map “features a large open center with two lanes, as well as a split base where the Titan spawns, further away from the fountain than in other modes.” According to the developer, Clash will play as a combination of the Arena’s fast-paced skirmish and the pushing and strategy needed for Conquest, with a game clocking in at around 20 minutes on average. Make sure you try Clash as soon as possible, as it’s only around till December 1.

On top of Chiron and Clash, you can look forward to a whole host of new God and Ward Skins, Cards and Voice Packs when The Astral Hunt goes live on November 17. For more details, you can read the full patch notes here.

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