It’s Tuesday again, and that means there’s been some changes to the challenges within Destiny. It’s also Bungie day, something that was started back on July 7th of 2007 by the Bungie community. In last week’s Weekly Update, DeeJ mentioned Bungie day, and what it will mean for the Bungie community this year – keep an eye out for this week’s update on more info about it! But, without further ado, here’s this week’s challenges for you do play in Destiny.

You and 2 other Guardians will be traveling to the Cosmodrome to fight Sepiks Prime and the Fallen in this week’s Heroic Strike. The Heroic and Solar burn modifiers are active, so be wary of Captains and their shrapnel launchers. If you’ve got a Vision of Confluence scout rifle, this is a perfect time to use it!

The weekly Nightfall Strike will pit you against the Fallen Wolves and Taniks, the Scarred on the Moon. The Nightfall, Epic, Arc burn, Specialist, and Lightswitch modifiers are all active here – that means break out any Arc weapons you may have, specifically specials, and watch how close you get to enemies. This might be a tad difficult, since the Fallen mostly use Arc-burn weapons, and the Wolves are very aggressive.

The Prison of Elders has also been reset, switching up the level 32 and 34 challenges. For level 32, you’ll be facing the Vex chronovore Qodron in the final round; in the level 34 arena, the Fallen Servitor, Kaliks Reborn, will be your final challenge.

That’s about it for the weekly reset. Keep it locked on Gamespresso for more Destiny updates and content!

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